Useful Tips For Riding A Motorcycle

Do you have a brand new bike that you’ve been itching to try out? If you’re a beginner though, and new to the whole concept of riding bikes, don’t expect to take it easy. There are a few general things you need to know before you take your bike out for a spin. Here they are:

Be attentive on the road
This is extremely important when it comes to riding a bike. You would be facing a number of obstacles out on the road including everything from potholes to construction sites to large speeding trucks. Be as attentive as you can at all times. Signal to vehicles if you’re turning at an intersection and follow the rules you were taught at your motorcycle riding school gold coast . A good motorcyclist should be able to foresee a dangerous situation before it happens. So most of all, don’t drive recklessly. Your safety comes first before everything else.

Inspect your bike before you ride it
Before you take your bike out, get into the habit of checking that everything is in order. Especially make sure the chain or belt of your bike, which is what makes it move, is in working condition. Sometimes this could get damaged or broken and even lead to a crash if neglected. You could test it by turning the rear wheel and determining how it moves. You’ll be able to tell if it’s broken or not by how loose or tight it is. Also make sure you clean the chain as too much dirt accumulated on it could slow down the movement of your bike. Don’t forget to check for any fluid leaks either. Finally check your tires and look to see if there is anything stuck to them, such as nails or rocks, which could damage them.
Adjust the mirrors
Your mirrors will give you a good view of everything behind you on the road so make sure they’re well-adjusted before you go out. When you learn to ride motorbike you should check if the mirrors are in a position that allows you to see clearly on all sides. Sometimes they might be a bit stiff to adjust so you may require a wrench to get them into position. Get on your bike and test your mirrors to ascertain that they’re well-positioned.

Check tire pressure
Proper tire pressure will allow your bike to move smoothly and make it extremely easy for you to handle. On the other hand, low tire pressure would make it difficult to control your bike. It could even be dangerous. So before you head out, always check your tire pressure and have a gauge ready for this. Pump more air if necessary. Keep these must-know tips in mind before you take your motorcycle out. For more information, please log on to

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